7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Cutting the Cord

By | July 21, 2017

Cutting the cable TV cord has been a pipe dream for many consumers looking to cut costs. You want to drop that monthly cable bill, but can you still watch live sports? What about the latest episodes of your favorite shows the moment they air? Are you really willing to wait until the following day to discuss the plot twists your co-workers are already talking about?

Luckily, consumers are enjoying a golden age of television, both in terms of content and the variety of services available to deliver shows whenever and wherever they want. What’s more, several digital streaming services are competing to woo cable subscribers over to the digital side, which makes it easier, and cheaper, to cut the cord than ever before. Here’s how to get the most out of canceling your cable subscription.


Determine which streaming services are best for you. Cutting the cord is mainly a money-saving move to make, so you don’t want to eliminate that expense only to replace it with several monthly charges for streaming services you may not use. Suppose.tv is a website that helps you choose the best services for you, taking the guesswork out of assembling your streaming experience. Just choose your region and the channels you watch most, and Suppose.tv will show you the most cost-effective way to access your channels on your streaming device.

Consider Amazon Fire. If you’re still weighing your options on which streaming digital device to use, you should consider Amazon Fire. With its 4K video support and Alexa serving as a humble AI assistant, Amazon Fire TV has won the latest Editor’s Choice for Media Hubs and Receivers from PC Magazine. The smart voice search allows you to speak any title, artist, genre or even app name into the microphone, and Amazon Fire will give you search results. For example, you can tell Amazon Fire to “Show me action movies,” “Open Youtube” or “Watch ‘Moana.'”

Simplify your show search. So, you’ve cut the cable cord. You have your streaming device all set up. You’ve logged into your streaming accounts. But then you discover that browsing titles via your remote is kind of a nightmare. There are so many options.

Save your precious browsing time for the internet with Instantwatcher.com. This site lists the current shows and movies available on Amazon Prime and Netflix, showcases which ones will soon be expiring and tells you the popular titles coming soon. Vulture Streaming is another great spot to browse the latest shows and movies available on each service by month.

Follow cord-cutting news and rumors. The latest news in cord-cutting, casting for your favorite shows, updates on net neutrality and more can be found on the helpful cord-cutting subreddit thread, r/cordcutters. This subreddit is not only a great source of news, but also a fantastic place to ask questions. The tech-savvy members of the subreddit are always ready to help you discover new shows, set up new apps or troubleshoot streaming problems.

Dive into podcasts. When you aren’t able to watch TV, you can still scratch that TV itch by listening to a podcast about your favorite shows and movies. There are tons of terrific weekly podcasts on iTunes, NPR and Spotify for just about every popular show, so you know you’ll get an immersive experience, even when you can’t watch the latest episodes. For example, “Pop Culture Happy Hour” from NPR does a fantastic job of finding and reviewing lesser-known shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime before they become mainstream. This podcast often rotates in guest hosts from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, thus providing a diverse take on the popular syndicated and original shows available online.

 Download an episode tracker app. When a beloved show ends for the season, you want to know when it’s coming back. Good news: There’s an app for that. Television Time on iTunes helps you track your favorite shows, gives you an in-depth look at recent episodes and helps you discover new shows to watch.

Don’t forget YouTube. While paid streaming services can provide hours of entertainment, it’s important to remember the reach of (free) YouTube. You can find TV recaps, the latest movie trailers, gag reels from your favorite shows and millions of hours of original content to match every interest you can think of. And yes, there are lots of puppies doing adorable things, too. Add the YouTube app to your streaming device and fall down the rabbit hole from the comfort of your couch.



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