Create Stronger Passwords to Help Protect Your Privacy Online

By | June 4, 2011

Keeping accounts and information secure online has become a common practice for PC users these days. From financial accounts to social media profile accounts, it is imperative we try safe-guarding our accounts from being hacked.

Any extra measures we take can make it difficult for those who try to access personal accounts. Here are some tips you can utilize to help maintain a secure online presence.

Change your passwords every 3-6 months

Modifying your passwords consistently decreases the chances of your password from being stolen.

Do not use the same password for your financial accounts as you do for your social media profiles

Once an account is violated, other accounts with the same password can soon follow. Prevent this from happening by creating unique passwords for each account. Keep a list of the passwords in a secure area to help you remember them.

Use a capital letter, special characters and numbers in your passwords

Numbers and letters can create hurdles, so the more hurdles, the better… Check with the website or service you are using for rules about using special characters.

Use more than seven characters for a password

Creating a longer password can also help make your passwords stronger.

Installing anti-virus software to your computer is also a great way to prevent any kind of breach to your system. Anti-virus protection software can not only detect any attacks, but will remove viruses or provide solutions to sustain a fast and efficient running pc. Please see a computer software specialist for more information.

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